Quotation1 I am Lorelei Jammerbugten, daughter of one the Little Mermaid's sisters. And i pledge to turn into seafoam for an idiot i would just meet. Quotation2
Lorelei's legacy day practice speech.

Okay who are you? Well i am Lorelei, neice of the Little Mermaid from the story of the same name. Whale then. I just want to get this destiny thats ahead of me over with. I dont want to be stuck under the reign of the snobby dumb Apple White for the rest of my life. I want to be free like a gust of wind. 





Lorelei has an odd personality. She has no interest in being human. She hates sea creatures and sea creatures hate her. She just wants to follow her destiny so she can get away from everyone sooner. She also ironically can not sing, even if she is a freaking mermaid princess chick. She loves to buy shoes from Ashlynn Ella, even if all of them make her feet hurt like hex. 


Lorelei has brown short curly hair, blue eyes, pale skin, hot pink lips, and normally wears swampy oceany greenish blue attire. 


The Little Mermaid



Lorelei doesnt often visit her mother or her aunts, since they live in an underwater kingdom and Lorelei is stuck in a dorm at Ever After High. She wishes she can go back to the ocean.


Lorelei is friends with many of the Royals. She hates Apple White so dont even think she would want to be friends with her. 


Lorelei has no interest in romance since no one loves her back in her story. 


She has a pet Dolphin named "Get-out-of-my-face". Yas, its like so beautiful.

  1. BestNameOfTheYear



Green Dress, Blue sleeves, seafoam trim on the bottom of the dress, blue anklets, green shell heels.

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Lorelei likes sushi. Mwahaaha. 


  • Her Name, is based of a German legend of a girl who turned into a mermaid. 
  • Her last name is based of a bay off the coast of Denmark.