Quotation1 I don't know…just…please…go away…I can't handle…the pressure. Quotation2
Lola Lost when questioned whether she is a Royal or a Rebel.

Lola Lost is the daughter of the lost boy, Tootles, from the fairytale Peter Pan.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Lola Lost is a generally sweet girl, though she is very lost in life. She isn't sure whether she is a Royal or a Rebel, so she took Neutral side. She often feels pressure, and hyperventilates and speaks in phrases rather than sentences. Lola often has a lost look on her face.


Lola has short brown hair.

Fairy tale –Peter PanEdit

How The Story GoesEdit

To summarize, a boy will never grow up.

How Does Lola Fit Into It?Edit

When Tootles went to England, he grew up and married a woman and had Lola.



Lola loves her father, and he loves her, but they often can't connect well because of the fact that Lola is lost in life, rather than family.


Lola is friends with Vivian East.


Lola has a pet deer named Lulu.


Lola is scared of romance.


Lola has three main outfits:


Lola wears a short-sleeved green and brown shirt, brown pants, and green shoes.

Legacy DayEdit

Lola wears the same thing as her basic except her shirt is white too.

Getting FairestEdit

Lola wears a lace green shirt and brown shorts and white slippers.


  • If Lola had a theme song, it would be Scream from High School Musical.


"Please, just go away…now!"

"Help! I'm lost! Please…someone…help me…I'm lost…and scared…"

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  • Lola's birthday is April 18th.


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