Little Jamie, also known as Gentle Jamie is the daughter of Little John who was the second-in-comand of the Merry Men in the story Robin Hood.

Jamie is a royal because she knows her destiny is for a good cause, but she has come to start questioning it.

Little Jamie was created by Katanarama .



Jamie is a very outgoing person, she loves sports but at the same time she would love to be dressed in a beautiful gown, reading a book by the windowsill. Jamie is very kind and always willing to help someone who's in need. And unlike her friend Alexandra Hood, when Jamie pickpokets someone she is more likely to keep the item then give it back especially if it's anything gold. She is always willing to submit to you than to fight back; she cannot handle stressful situations at all.


Little Jamie is quite tall, reaching 5' 10" without her high heeled boots. She has fair skin, central heterochromia in her left eye, leaving her right eye green. She has ginger red hair that is always braided, so it doesn't get caught in anything. And despite Alexandra Hood's protests Jamie enjoys wearing very colorful red makeup

Mirror BlogEdit

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Little Jamie is the second oldest of seven children. Her family consits of Little John; her father, her older brother John Jr. who graduated two years prior as a rebel, and her five younger brothers and sisters.


Because of Little Jamies kindhearted spirit she is friends with almost everyone, but her best friends are Alexandra and Frit Hood.


Jamie has said to have a "slight" crush on Frit Hood , but she knows that's not how their story is supposed to go so she keeps her feelings silent.



Little Jamie's everyday look consists of gold studded earrings, a laced, autumn orange corset with a matching leather skirt and brown tights underneath. She also tends to wear a dark, autumn red sweater, and black ankle high heel boots.

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