Quotation1 I swear, if kissing two guys isn't enough, i get turned down more then once! What was my mom thinking?! Quotation2
Lion Lily, judging her destiny


Lion Lily can be described as free-willed and willing. Wanting to know what she must as she kinda likes her destiny. Except for the facet she has no idea which one it will be! She is easily-upset due to her childish nature, that of which she gets from her mother. She loves secrets and juicy gossip, and will eagrly spread rumours if it means getting a good laugh. If she makes a mistake, she'll often cover it up with a lie, which leads to her getting in trouble. And, based of her report card form last year, she has a tinsy little reputation for getting herself into trouble.



Mother: Tiger Lily

Sister: Fire Lily

Father: Unknown

Grandfather: Great Big Little Panther

Uncle: Hard-To-Hit


She has that somthing special about her, that quality, that sorta gets people to wanna be her friends.

((will update if needed)


Main: A cute, puffyish browny-cream dress with a cute belt and spots!

Legacy Day: A blue, gold, silver and purple short dress, complete with a cute head piece.

Mirror BlogEdit

Coming Soon

Theme Song(s)Edit

Karmin- Acapella

Sandra Gee- Summertime (Bacardiflavour Remix)

Brittany Spears- Circus

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