Quotation1 I don't wanna be stuffed down Snowy's chimney! Quotation2
Lindsay's personal quote
Lindsay Lizard

Personality and skillsEdit

Lindsay Lizard is the daughter of Bill the Lizard, she is very kind and caring. She is afraid of chimneys because of what had happened to her father. She loves climbing walls due to her being a lizard. She is Snowy's BFFA and they are inseparable. They have the same interests and sense of style, she cares immensely for Snowline. Lindsay is usually seen as Snowy's Sidekick, this annoys Snowline more than Lindsay because she hates her best friend to be on a rank lower than herself.

Appearance and style Edit

Lindsay has normal skin and eyes that are the color of emeralds and blonde hair with pure, delicate violet streaks. Her hair reaches till her waist and her uneven bangs are flopped over on eye.

Relationships Edit


Lindsay lives with her father, Bill, her mother died so she was brought up with Snowline and refers to he as a sister.


Her friends are Victoria White and Snowline W. Rabbit.


She shares Snowline's white lab, Sugar


She is dating Harry White



She wears a violet dress with a sweetheart top and a mini skirt separated with a brown belt. Her boots reach to her knees and they are brown. She wears a white cardigan on top and her buttons are black. Her hair is worn down and her uneven bangs rest on her right eye. Her eye makeup is violet and her lipstick is red. She wears a gold chain with a single pearl pendant and her earrings are pearls.

Legacy DayEdit

For Legacy Day she wears a purple, one shoulder dress with a transparent, white wrap. The dress is covered in sparkling designs. She has her bangs clipped back with a sparkling, purple bow. She has black boots with silver chains. She has golden eye makeup and fuchsia lipstick. She has teardrop, amethyst earrings and a triple necklace with teardrop amethysts.




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