Quotation1 Oh Time, you must dramatize this, not me. Quotation2
Lila Violett in "True Love's Kiss"

Lila Violett is the daughter of Viola, the main antagonist from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Although she’s not particularly fond of the phrase “tomboy” that is the stamp she’s often given by others. She was raised receiving all the training and education a boy would have gotten and has as a result of that been expected to act as a male at all times before her story even begins. She takes great responsibility in following her destiny and is a detriment Royal, both by choice and birth.


If Lila would have a voice-actress Mandiga would pick Salli Saffioti for her. She does the voices of both Clawdeen Wolf and Cleo de Nile in Monster High but most of Salli’s voicework is done for the video game industry.

Rhyon Nicole Brown IMDB
For Live-Action her creator picks Rhyon Nicole Brown. She has among a lot of other things become nominated for Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series as a Leading Young Actress for her part in Lincoln Heights.

Rhyon has the perfect face and body for Lila since despite Lila being very masculine in her behavior she has some dominant feminine traits. Wig and lenses would be necessary.



Lila is very independent, or rather Lila would like to be very independent. She's was raised to be a strong, confident, very male girl and she tries to behave accordingly. She's very oppose to show any kind of affection in public even showing strong feelings in public goes against her better knowing. She tries to be one of the guys rather then herself as it just becomes easier.

It's very important for her to play the part she's been assigned and she's very responsible when it come to all aspects of live. She rarely acts her age and instead makes is her job to look after those who are a little less responsible like Kath.

In more privacy Lila can become quite the drama queen after keeping all her feelings bottled in, easily holding a thirty minutes long monologues about all thing not right in her life. She has a way with words which make her half hours long outbursts very enjoying. Her silver tongue also makes her an excellent actress and thereby liar. She still keeps her distance from the school's drama club as she doesn't really enjoy acting nor lying. When she has to she can bring forth those abilities but she doesn't feel that being able to do what she does is something positive.


Lila has darker skin and short blonde hair with pink streaks in it. At birth she had clear blue eyes but when she reached puberty they became deeper and eventually purple. She originally had a very girly face and body and is curvier than most other female students but with constant training she's also given toned muscles. She wears a faint purple eye shadow and a very light lipstick. She has thin almonds eyes and her lashes are longer than average.

Fairy tale:Twelfth NightEdit

Main article: Wikipedia:Twelfth Night

How does Lila come into itEdit

Lila or more precisely Dutchess Lila Violetta of Orsino is meant to follow the path of her mother as the next Viola. Orsino is a somewhat small region in Illyria, a land far from Ever After.



Lila Violett is the daughter of Viola. In preparation for her fate she was raised like a boy would have been and never had any complains about that. She got to learn how to fight and hunt but never got to wear dresses or learn how dance. Her relationship with her parents is a good one. She respect them a lot and sees them as great role-models.

She has a few younger brothers whom she has helped tutor and embraces the role of big sister even though their are some problems on the "showing feelings and affection"-part.



Lila GF
When the students of Ever After High performed the Animal Calling a baby polar bear came to Lila. She named the little bear Tyrian. She’s like a big, warm, fluffy pillow. Tyrian is often lazy, tired and not very busy.




Lila is one of the Royals with the strongest dislike for the Rebels. She doesn't think that it's right to flip the script and has trouble seeing their perspective.

Mirror BlogEdit

Still not sure if how I feel about people call me Dude...

Freedom Year went so fast, can't believe it's already Legacy Year.

Spellabrating Book-to-School with my wonderlandiful friends~

Feel so good to be back together with my BFFA Kathlyn Pillar again!

Ever After High's high school Drama is in many ways like the classical Shakespearean dramas, just with less killings. So far at least.


Quotation1 What gives you any greater right to change your story?! Quotation2
Lila to Isabella
Quotation1 That is not love, It's not complicated enough. The course of true love never runs smooth Quotation2
Lila on love
Quotation1 I will never wish any companion in the world but you. Quotation2
Lila to Kathlyn

Appears inEdit


  • Her main color is, as one might notice, purple.
  • She hates horror movies
  • She travels mostly though Mirror portals.


  • Lila is Mandiga's first gay character and anyone who has any problems with that is preferred to keep that opinion to themselves.


  • September 20, 2013: Character get sketched out and is born
  • October 17, 2013: Lila gets a name and a persona
  • October 20, 2013: Lila’s site gets uploaded to Ever After High Fandom Wiki
  • February 20, 2014: Lila's site gets updated.
  • February 22, 2015: Lila's art is updated.

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