Lila Girl is the daughter of the girl from The Three Aunts. She is a Roybel, as her destiny is the best thing since sliced bread (in her eyes anyway). If only she could get rid of the not speaking up...


Lila is bird boned, meaning she has a delicate frame. Her eyes are a lovely purple and she has chestnut colored hair that she wears in a single low wavy ponytail. She wears a blush colored knee length skirt and a white brocaded blazer. She wears gold slippers.


Despite her appearance, and her destiny to not speak up, Lila is very loud and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Her voice is always very loud and seem startling coming out of her. She is on the cheerhexing team, but only because Faybelle knew her small, bird like bones make it easy for her to be tossed around. Faybelle was the most surprised when her voice carried out louder than anything.


Snips CuttenClip is her BFFA, despite Lila being way louder than Snips and not allowed to visit her at home.


Lila is perfectly happy waiting for her prince charming and doesn't see the need to date anyone exclusively.


Cheerhexing is her top one! In fact, she usually holds a pom pom in her hand she isn't afraid to shake in the face of people who make her mad. And everyone tries to teach her to spin, sew, and weave, but the girl doesn't care either way, as her "aunts" are supposed to do it for her.


Lila's hands tremor whenever she holds them still, which is why she's constantly moving them, using them for something like cheerhexing so they won't and lead to repeat teasing, having been teased when she was in Spellementary school.

Her teachers sometimes scold her for turning her hands around, or constantly scribbling so her hands don't tremor while they try to teach her.

Lila has a pet dove named Arbutus, making people mock her, saying her pet is the reason her frame is so delicate and bird like.