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Quotation1 The greatest irony of our age is that our two fabulous, LGBTA+ supporting feminists wear fedoras. Quotation2
iEatIdiots when discussing Cerdwin's fashion taste

Leda Cerdwin is the daughter of the witch who gives help to ladies who want children, a character archetype seen in various stories.

She is known to prefer her last name 'Cerdwin' as opposed to her first name.

She is a neutral.


In live-action, Cerdwin would be portrayed by Adelaide Kane.



Cerdwin is incredibly sassy and confident, as well as outspoken in her ideas. She’s a obstinate young witch who wants her opinion to be heard, and wants to be considered just as equal as a princess or a prince. She displays many other qualities as well, being well-organised and fond of dramatics. Cerdwin’s also rather emotional, and displays her happiness and unhappiness outwardly. However, Cerdwin does get a bit emotional – and sometimes lets her anger get the best of her, especially when she feels threatened. She’s also tactful and diplomatic, working well in a team, as she had always been a person who believed that being affectionate was more important than being knowledgable. Cerdwin wants to be able to make everyone happy, and finds it difficult to refuse a genuine offer. As a result, she’s rather indecisive and unreliable.</p>


Cerdwin has chocolate-brown locks, often in ringlets, which tend to drape over her shoulders. She has bright green eyes, which have a constant look of alertness in them. Her skin is fair, despite her constant exposure to the sun, and she has short and curvy body shape. She seems to be fond of dresses, particularly floral dresses with short sleeves. Being beautiful has always meant a lot to Cerdwin, who takes great pride in her appearance. She’s self-indulgent, and used to buying extravagant jewellery to decorate herself, and puts makeup on every day. She adorns her hair with flowers, and in general, attempts to look as fabulous as possible.

Fairy tale – VariousEdit

How the Story Goes

In many tales, there's a mother who's struggling for a child. Sometimes, she calls for aid, often in the form of a witch, who gives the mother something to eat, or a remedy to give her a child. The witch also warns the mother of not doing a certain thing, such as eating both flowers, but the mother tends to ignore the warning.

This mother/witch senario is often seen in tales, such as Prince Lindworm, Tatterhood, Princess in the Chest, and Thumbelina.



As previously mentioned, Cerdwin's mother is the witch who helps young women have children. Cerdwin was concieved by magic, similar to the way her mother offers to her clients.


Plants are her only friends.


Cerdwin has no pets because her plants are her only friends.


Cerdwin doesn't show much of an interest for romance, claiming that she has problems keeping a relationship. 

Her first girlfriend, Miraspella die Hexe was simply a result of both of them being girls attracted to girls, and they both thought that we should go on a date because of that! It wasn’t the case, though, since they were totally incompatible and fought over all the small things. 

Idris Fayette Shea, the daughter of Queen Mab, who attended Monster High, was in a relationship with Cerdwin for a while. Cerdwin was attracted to Idris' mysteriousness, and wanted to relate to the fae. However, Cerdwin always felt so honoured hanging out with Idris, and instead of seeing her as an equal, saw her as a perfect being. They broke up after a month, but Cerdwin recently heard Idris is now dating another witch.

Cerdwin's most recent relationship was not with a girl, but a polysexual non-binary individual. But Cerdwin always mixed up xe's pronouns because Cerdy is mainstream feminist af. The two broke up as soon as xe heard Cerdwin admit to liking pop music, and xe broke up with Cerdwin, since xe was a music elitist.

She used to have a crush on a certain daughter of Merlin. However, Macy had a boyfriend, and Cerdwin was too scared to admit her crush aloud. Now she's probably over it. Dammit Cerdwin, get your head in the game and get the girl. 


yeah okay I never write the outfits section because I'm lazy



Legacy DayEdit



  • Cerdwin is gay af.
  • Cerdwin, like many witches, owns a broomstick, which is her form of transportation. 
  • She is a feminist and a proud supporter of the LGBTA+ cause. Despite that, she wears a fedora and reads reddit.


Cerdwin when told Green isn't a creative colour
Quotation1 Sometimes I wake up, and I think, "I'm fabulous". And that's what you have to do. Believe in yourself. Be fabulous. Quotation2
Cerdwin offers advice
Quotation1 You have no idea what to wear or how to define semi-formal? No worries, it’s simple! You either look swaggy in a dress, or look snazzy in a shirt and tie. Quotation2
Cerdwin describing semi-formal
Quotation1 Never? Where’s your sense of slapstick comedy? Quotation2
Cerdwin trips over something and jokes about it
Quotation1 That's a sort of plant. ... I like plants Quotation2


  • Leda means "mother of Helena" and Cerdwin means "mother goddess" or "mother of Ireland". Both these names reference the fact that the witch helps young women be mothers.
  • Cerdwin, as an OC, was created on the spur of a moment, but Zena ended up liking her and kept her.


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