Abigail Thief was lounging in a tree in the Enchanted Forest, unaware whether or not class was going on or not. She was dozing on a tree. Her eyes were growing rather heavy.

"If I take a nap now, I can probably stay awake during the night. I could really use some stolen wristbands." She thought. The dozing theif-to-be started to hear the distant rumble of a crowd. So she was skipping class.

"Wait a minute." She thought, "People are coming. I gotta bolt." She scrambled out of the tree. She landed on the floor sprawled on the leafy earth.

The crowd was getting closer. She heard the chirpy voice of Maid Marian, and the rather annoying, soft voice of Ashlynn melodiously mingling together. She suddenly felt a calloused hand grab her far-out ankle. She was dragged to a denser, darker spot in the forest.

Abi was too shaken to either scream or explode at the kidnapper. With the hand now absent from her ankle, she clambered to face her kidnapper and was met with the smirking face of her crush and half-boyfriend, Sparrow Hood.

She was faced with a moment of silence, and she opened her mouth to yell, but before she got the chance, Sparrow leaned forward and gave her a kiss, shocking her into stunned silence.

"I guess that worked. I hate it when you explode on me." Said Sparrow as he smirked.

"I guess it did. But don't read into it." Replied Abi, leaning on her shoulder.

"I skipped class. I don't read at all." Said Sparrow with a smirk.

"What are we going to do now?" Asked Abi.

"Sit. Skip class. I think we are doing it right now." Answered Sparrow.

"Whatever you say." Said Abi as she stared at the clouds, trying to make pictures out of them.

"Do you see a foot in that one?" Asked Sparrow, pointing at a specific cloud.

"It looks more like an umbrella on this side." Answered Abi, smiling in the beautiful sunlight that was lightly blessing her face.

"I guess." Said Sparrow, putting his hat on his face to rest.

Abi promptly took the hat off of his face and swiftly ran away.

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