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Layla Godmother

Layla McGodmother is the daughter of the FairyGodmother, a minor character in many fairytales. Layla is owned by TaylorRocks



Mischievous but still sweet as a cookie, Layla is the ideal BFFA for rebels. She loves fireworks and is an expert at setting them off with her wand. Lily is really kind and will help anyone or anything in need. An expert at flying, she often does errands for her friends. Layla is currently learning to fixed spells that have gone wrong.


She is very pretty with beautiful tropical green eyes and a nice and even complexion. Her hair is naturally blonde, but with a simple hair-dye spell, she has streaked it dark chocolate brown. Her hair is elbow length and she has silver wings.

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How the Story Goes

You know what a FairyGodmother does!

How does Layla come into it?Edit

In a sentence: The fairy godmother wanted a child to take over for her so she created a child through magic, that's how Layla came into it.



Her mom, the FairyGodmother is her only relative.


She is friends with almost everyone, but her BFFA is her roommate, Frosteen.


She has a beautiful, pure-white pegasus, which lives in the stables along with the other horses.


I'm currently trying to name her boyfriend



Her top half of her outfit has a sweetheart neckline, and by what Layla says the jagged lines like a broken heart means"Magic can mend a broken heart,", the top is half green and half purple, her signature colors it is divided in half by a highwaisted, silver sash. The next half(it's not really half) is consisted of a puffy skirt which starts off purple and later the purple suddenly becomes green. She wears silver high heels, one with a green bow and the middle is purple, the other one is the same except the green and purple switch. She wears green eyeshade and it's lined with purple, she also wears purple lipstick.

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