Laura Trident is the daughter of the Little Mermaid...'s sister.



Laura is a adventurous, free-spirited, and fearless mermaid, who wants to take charge of her own dreams of living on land. She is a determined, feisty dreamer. She loves the thrill of adventure and wants to see and experience new things. Laura is far from weak and helpless, she often has a "I can do this by myself" attitude. She doesn't know how to ask for or accept help when she needs it. Laura can be naive at times because she was kept away from having a real life as a child. She is a pure hopeless romantic. She dreams of finding her true love even though she isn't destined to. She is aware that in her story, she has to cut off her hair and give it to the sea witch in order to save the Little Mermaid, only for the Little Mermaid to die anyway. Because her role is so small in her eyes, she decides to spend her time trying to find a way to get legs in order to live on land, and run away from her destiny.


Laura has a medium skin tone with freckles and a slender figure. She has long strawberry blond hair that she is destined to cut off. Her eyes are cyan.



Laura is the daughter of one of the Little Mermaid's sisters. Her cousin is the daughter of the Little Mermaid. Laura somewhat envies her cousin because she gets to go on land. Laura describes her aunt as stupid, because she gave up everyting for a man she didn't know and died for it.


Laura's friends are the dolphins, the crabs, the sea turtles, and the fish. She talks to the seagulls when she is out on the surface.


Laura doesn't have any pets, just animal friends.


Laura dreams of finding her true love one day.


  • Laura's first name has nothing to do with the sea. Instead, her name means laurel, which is a type of tree. It suggests that her parents had been close to land at one point of their lives.
  • Laura's name sounds like gibberish to the other mermaids.
  • Laura plans to get legs, but she decides not to make a deal with the sea witch in order to do so.