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Larry drawing his future childred with Rouge Deerling

Larrison Esel, or Larry Esel, or even "The Scary af White Boy", is the son of a Toylandian Donkey from the Adventures of Pinocchio 


His voice actor would be Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg And his live action portrayal is Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa, Larry's live action portrayal



Larry is an aggorant a**hole who really doesnt know how to shut up. He is that type who constantly makes references to vines in class and is always sent to Headmaster Grimm's office for being an idiot. 

His reason for acting like this is that he always thought it was normal for a guy to act that way. 

Larry was born a girl. At age 4, Larry always referred to himself as a boy. 


Larry has dirty blonde hair, perfect blue eyes, and a pair of brownish greyish black striped donkey ears and a black striped donkey tail. 


The Adventures of Pinocchio



He has a strong bond with his dad, and they bond together by being in the circus together sometimes. He has a fabu sister named Lauren Esel and a brother named Gary Esel. 


Abifail O'GriefEdit

Abigail, who is a fellow student at Ever After High, is someone he sees as a friend; even though they cant stand him one bit. 


He is dating Rouge Deerling, daughter of Bae from the Snow Queen. 


he has an adorbleeh fabulous Pug named Mayger. 

Outfits Edit


  • He loves pudding
  • He likes to play video games
  • He has a bad relationship with Candy
  • He is transgender ftm 
  • He was born on March 17
  • He cant stand Karaoke.