Quotation1 There's no such thing as "Calm down", kid. Quotation2
Lalo's personal quote


Personality and SkillsEdit

Lalo Von South is the son of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South.

Lalo is a funny and all-time-hyper boy who is a true class-ic clown. He lives a life full of jokes and playful thinking and sees the world as a box that he has to explore, yes, weird analogy. He can come off as pretty irresponsible since was never-after given something to be responsible for, ever. 

He knows how much and when he is annoying and loves every second of his life, except when he doesn't. He doesn't love it when thinks about the small land his mother will give him to rule and dubouts himself a lot. Lalo thinks very small of himself so he won't be disappointed when things go wrong, but always carries a big smile on his face even when crying.

Despite being nice and all, Lalo is immature and childish. Mostly because his mother never trusted him enough to give him something useful and important to do.

Lalo lacks a lot of things his mother has, like wisdon and calmness, that because, in his own words, he "was supposed to be like mom, but something went wicked".


At least this he has from his mother. Lalo is and average height boy who has beautiful and flawless skin that resembles porcelain, rich and thick curled red (velvet) hair and (baby) blue hypnotic and entrancing eyes. 

Original StoryEdit

Check this for character and here to story.

From Glinda to LaloEdit

  • Magical abilities and beauty.

How Does Lalo Come Into?Edit

Feeling alone, Glinda decided that she needed a successor and created Lalo to be just like her, but, something went wrong and Lalo ended up a bit... far from being her.



Lalo and Glinda have a good relationship, him being kind of a momma's boy. But, there will be times she questions herself why her son is so different from her and, in turn, he questions why his mother is so good and kind. Actually, once he read the story and the first thing he said about her was that she was a Mary Sue.


Since not everyone can put up with him, Lalo isn't that popular, but he is good with that. He and Willer DuWest are friends forever after and can always count on each other.


He considers the Flying Monkeys his pets.


None yet, but he looks forward for it.



Lalo's everyday clothing is shocking pink pants with a light pink shirt and a black sleveless studed and spiked jacket with black shoes.

Legacy DayEdit

To the special date, Lalo wears a pink suit with a black cape and carries a golden scepter.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 Look, when we say "Only bad witches are ugly" we don't mean to say that all bad witches are ugly, we mean to say all good witches are beautiful and bad witches can vary. Quotation2
Lalo explaining the infamous phrase
Quotation1 My name is Lalo Von South. Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Quotation2
Lalo's usual way of introduce himself
Quotation1 I don't expect too much of me, no one does. Quotation2
Lalo says this while crying with a big smile, like he usually does


  • His favorite food, actually a drink, is coffee, but his mother doesn't let him drink too much.
  • He is kind of a picky eater and casts his meals himself.
  • He is a skilled cook even without magic.
  • He doesn't like Donzela. It's mutual.
  • The bubble thing is a nod to the 1939's film. The quote, too. 

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