Lady Swan is the daughter if Odette from Swan Lake. She is a neutral because she wants to follow her destiny and she also wants to ice skate instead of dance. Lady likes to Dance but she prefers Skating instead. Also Lady is a neutral because she doesn't want to marry a forced boy. She wants to marry the one who belongs to her heart.

Lady is owned by CreativeMadness.


Lady's portrayer would be [[1]]. Sasha is a silver Olympic medalist, she is a ice skater so she is a good portrayer for Lady since Lady is also a figure skater. Sasha has a bit of an accent but it would be fine for Lady since Creative wanted Lady to have an Accent. Also Sasha would be Lady's live portrayer. Lady and Sasha are the height but Lady has black and brown hair instead of just brown hair like Sasha's. Also since Sasha is a ballet dancer and a gymnast, she is a perfect portrayer for Lady.



Lady is a determined skater. She loves to ice skate instead of dance Ballet. But Lady still loves to dance, she just prefers to do skating instead since she likes to feel the air run through her face and she likes to do wonderful routines.

Lady is a bit social, she likes to chat with royals and rebels. She is really different from her sister Duchess Swan. Lady doesn't want to be forced to marry a boy she doesn't even now.

Lady is a animal lover, she mostly love furry animals! She loves to take care of them and learn about them from reading the books from the library. Lady is also a geek. She loves to play online games,RPGS,horror games,and SMod! Lady is also a sugar lover! She loves candy and anything sugary, but she does eat healthy foods.


Lady has blackish and brownish hair. She is 5' 2", she has brown eyes, and she has light blue lips.





Lady doesn't have a close relationship with her family since she spends most of her time practicing her dancing,skating,and gymnastic skills. She also doesn't have a good relationship with her sister Duchess Swan because Duchess always annoys Lady with her blabbing on trying to be on the Royal Ranks. Lady is really annoyed with Duchess and Duchess isn't even a good sister to Lady.


Lady doesn't have any friends she no one really likes Lady because of her sister but some people try to be her friends.


Lady has a pet puffin named Fluff Puff.


Lady doesn't have any enemies



  • Lady was born on May 19.
  • Lady's theme song would be Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum. This might change.

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