Quotation1 Bitterberries! Quotation2
- Kristy Sparks catchphrase
 Kristy Sparks is daughter of the fairy godmother from Cinderella.



Kristy is quite shy. She has a heart of gold even if she's shy and she dosen't show it. Sometimes she speaks to herself what she's supposed to say, but dosen't speak it. Since she's a royal, she's gonna have royal friends. People think she's weird and she's a stalker because sometimes she stares into other people's eyes. She's just reading their minds. Its a power of her's. She's opmistic and always join for an adventure. And she loves tea time. And she's kinda loud when she hearts there's tea time.


Kristy has pale skin, blond hair, icy blue eyes, light pink lips, and brown eyebrows. She is tall and thin because she's kind of a vegetarian too.


I think Kristy should be voiced by Debby Ryan, because she has something like her voice, and she's quite clumsy and her voice would be perfect.



She has a purple tank, with a black top and a leafy skirt which is purple, black heels, and her wings are the same color as her eyes and some pink flowers.

Legacy DayEdit

Coming soon...

Getting FairestEdit

Coming soon...


Quotation1 I love tea time! Quotation2
Kristy Sparks hearing tea time
Quotation1 I'm up for an adventure. Quotation2
Kristy Sparks when there's an adventure
Quotation1 Umm, hi, I'm Kristina Sparks. But you can call me Kristy. Quotation2
Kristy Sparks saying hello
Quotation1 Umm, umm, I don't know what to do! Quotation2
Kristy Sparks in Royal-Language
Quotation1 Aww, bitterberries! That should have turned out great. Quotation2
Kristy Sparks in a chem-myth-stry accident

Mirror Blog and DiaryEdit

Link for MIRROR BLOG: Kristy Sparks Mirror Blog

Link for DIARY: Kristy Sparks Diary



  • Her full name is Kristina Sparks.
  • The name was found in Seventh Sanctum.

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