Quotation1 Not liv-ing, but still feel-ing. Quotation2
Klik-Klak's personal quote.

Klik-Klak the the android "daughter" of Tik-Tok, who debuted in Ozma of Oz.



Klik-Klak is a perfect being of logic and reason. Emotions and attachments to others do not cloud her judgement and she is truthful because her machinery doesn't allow her to lie or think untruths. But that's because - as she's always quick to point out - she is not alive. She cannot feel emotions, she cannot form attachments, she cannot be empathetic nor sympathetic. But she can still think, speak, and act; each controlled by a wind-up key protruding from her back. What she is lacking in emotions and life, though, Klik-Klak strives to make up in pure historical knowledge. Klik-Klak, when her thought it tightly wound, has an impeccable memory. She entertains herself by learning Ozian history and can recite the most inane of details on command. If you need to know anything about Oz, Klik-Klak is your girl. However, once on a very informative historic monologue, it is quite difficult to get her to stop, since she doesn't realize most others find history dry and dull. The only way to make her stop is to wait for her thought / speech to wind down, or change the topic as abruptly and loudly as possible, which'll startle her out of it.

Due to her inability to live or feel emotion, she can be awfully dull and sometimes has issues with understanding metaphors and wordplay. But if you're one of her companions, she's undyingly loyal, and she will fight for you if you're in trouble. She can't get hurt, but you can. Okay, she's not much of a fighter--Preferring brains over brawn--But it's the thought that counts, right?


Klik-Klak is rather docky-looking, and clearly not the best made. Her skin is copper, her hair a dark yellow, and her eyes green shiny glass. Wherever joints would logically be on a meat person, she bears very obvious black bolts. The same bolts hold the metal plates that make up her hair together, as well. When she speaks, her mouth simply drops up-and-down, a la a ventriloquist dummy, and as such cannot change her expression (making her always seem a wee bit glum). Her three wind-up keys are on her back, as well as a small instructional plate, located on her back at the base of her neck.

Fairy tale – Ozma of Oz (and subsequent books thereof)Edit

How the Story Goes

Wikipedia has some info on that, unless you'd rather look at Tik-Tok's personal Wikipedia page.

How does Klik-Klak come into it?Edit

Klik-Klak, being based on Tik-Tok's original outlines, was the natural choice to replace the android in Ever After High and for the rest of eternity.



Even though Tik-Tok was the only android made by Smith & Tinker, the basic outlines were retrieved by Shushha the Thief before he ran away from the Land of Ev and, though stolen magic, made it to Oz. He migrated to the north, the Gillikin Country, where he met a lady by the name of Mimmy Layna, and in the end they married. Eventually, they chose to construct a daughter for themselves, with Shushha making the girl's body off of Tik-Tok's outlines and Mimmy sewing her clothing (hence the reliance on purple). Once created, the girl was named Klik-Klak (for her mechanisms could be a bit wonky and make a 'click-clack' noise).

Klik-Klak cannot truly love her parents, but she is undyingly loyal to them, and would go out of her way to defend them even if her programming would say otherwise.


Other Ozonions (Ozites? Ozies?) are welcome to be her travelling companions, but Klik-Klak cannot physically feel friendship.


She doesn't own one. Remember, can't feel affection?


Do we have to go through this whole shpeal again? Klik-Klak cannot feel romance and ergo love is out of the question.



As her basic attire, Klik-Klak wears a small pillbox hat atop her head, purple with a singular cream stripe. Her blouse is also cream, with a green vest over it, bearing an intertwined O-Z in gold on the front. Both blouse and vest have slits in the back, to make way for her keys. Her skirt is light purple with pleats. For footwear, she has high brown boots, with lopsided gold clasps (for appearance only and bear no practical purpose).

Legacy DayEdit



Quotation1 Act-ua-lly, that's a com-mon mis-con-ception. What act-ua-lly hap-pend is... Quotation2
If you get *any* detail in any historical matter wrong, expect Klik-Klak to say this. And then ramble.
Quotation1 I may lack a mor-al com-pass, but us-ing my know-ledge to cheat on home-work is frown-ed upon due to the co-de of con-duct. Quotation2
Because, come on, who wouldn't use Klik-Klak to cheat at least once?
Quotation1 I un-der-stand that I lack in-flect-ion. I ho-pe this will not dis-tract from the rest of me and make me ev-en dull-er. Quotation2
It sorta does, but don't tell her.
Quotation1 ...Oh dear. It ap-pears my act-ion has wound down. Hel-lo? An-y-one? I don't wish to be late to my cla-ss-es... Quotation2
Klik-Klak's action winds down more then she cares to admit.


  • Yes, Lissa is a bit of an Oz geek. Which may just be why Klik-Klak likes history so much, so Lissa can spout trivia. Oh well.
  • Klik-Klak's original design was a lot more colorful, with her skirt bearing all four hues of Oz countries (blue, yellow, red, and purple) and looking a lot flashier, a la the uniforms of General Jinjur's Army of Revolt. Eventually, it just settled on purple. On the same line, the pillbox hat was chosen due to it being Petra's hat in the game Emerald City Confidential, and the pattern on Klik-Klak's vest resembles that of the Oz key in Return to Oz and Mara Shin's glove in the manhwa Dorothy of Oz.
  • For a long while, there wouldn't have been a daughter of Tik-Tok at all--Lissa wanted to do a child of, of all characters,Chopfyt . Clearly this didn't happen. Lissa likes to be obscure, but not that obscure.


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