Khione Ice is the next Snow Queen.


At first glance Khione is just like her mother: Cold hearted and wicked. But the few friends she has know the real her. She's funny, loving, and exteremly loyal. Khione just has huge walls built around her heart due to loneliness and distrust of most people!


Khione has silver hair with ice blue streaks, bright gray eyes, and colbalt blue lips. Her dress is silver with ice blue snowflakes on the hem and white fur on the ends of the puffed sleeves. Khione also wears a blue diamond necklace around her neck and a silver tiara with a white gem in the center. Her shoes are white heels with a dripping icicle design on them. Her tights are blue with a white snowflake pattern. Khione is also extremely pale to the point where her skin looks almost white.


Khione has three main flaws: 1. she is quick to judge people (one of the effects of her loneliness) 2. she's still a bit socially awkward because of her loneliness and 3. she doesn't trust people easily.


The snow queen by Hans Christan Anderson


Parents: Her mother left when she was only a baby and they have never met. Her father is away on business very frequently and pays little to no attention to her.

Pet: Elsa is her pet white wolf and was her lone companion for most of her childhood

Friends: she is close friends with Aria Little, Bianca White, and Chase Rider

Romance: she has a slight crush on Chase Rider and the feeling is mutal