Kimberly Shoe is the daughter of Karen from the tale "The Red Shoes".

Little "Kimmy", is a heart-racing, track runner, record breaking girl. Kind, but competitive at the same time, this rebel is bound to jump, dance and race through the school year. But will she ever be able to run again with the way her story ends?

Also you can edit if you are going to make it better, and only if you arn't going to change the story. Though, I'll let you CHANGE the story if it involves adding portrayers, a new look, etc. THE REAL creator of Kimberly Shoe is me, Goldana.

What's Your secret heart's desire?Edit

To win every tournament I have in Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, and Soccer. Oh, and not to do Arts & Crafts, Home Eck and Woodshop. All this for a sentence in my story that says "and she was taught to read, and to sew."

What "Magic Touch" Makes you special?Edit

Well...I have incredible dancing without even practicing. (Although I still have Dance Class)    :)

Does anything make you shout "Oh, Curses!"?Edit

Apart from dancing beautiful, sometimes out of nowhere my feet start to dance, and I never know how long.

What is your Storybook Romance Status?Edit

You may think my shoe is on the wrong foot, but I like Hopper Croakington II.

Favorite School SubjectEdit

Dance Class. Best way to exercise, espicially if you're born to do it! (And of course if your Mom owns "Red Shoes Dance Club!")

Least Favorite SubjectEdit

Home Eck. Look! I can sew! When do I get to go to Grimmnastics?

Who are your Best Friends 'Til THE END?Edit

Ashlynn Ella, Cerise Hood, and Duchess Swan.

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