Kiko Shade is an OC created by Endeavory.

As the youngest daughter of Keikobad, the king and emperor of the spirit world, Kiko has a lot of responsibility on her young shoulders. Her eldest sister married a mortal man and lost her shadow, her middle sister was cursed to make a wedding dress from the night sky or never marry, and Kiko's destiny is... totally uncertain. In fact, part of the reason she was sent to Ever After High was to see if the Storybook of Legends would know what her fate would be. It's a flawless plan, provided the book is in perfect working order.

Personality Edit

The world is Kiko's oyster. Always full of energy and (usually bad) ideas, there's nothing to stop this girl from diving head-first into life and doing something. The end result doesn't matter, as long as everybody is trying new things and nobody winds up in jail. It's all about the journey, not the destination! Which is a good philosophy if you have no idea what your destination — or destiny — might be!

But for all her whimsy and spontaneity, she places a lot of value on being a good daughter. Which is why she'll do her very best to obey her father, who usually contacts her through his messenger. The only trouble is that sometimes Keikobad wants things that are sure to clash with what Headmaster Grimm has in mind for his students. The spirits are fickle, and their ways mysterious, and Kiko is happy to be one of them.

Appearance Edit

Kiko has dark blue hair and strange, luminous eyes that betray her otherworldly origins. She wears a pair of turquoise earrings in the shape of a ghostly spiral, and one time got her nose pierced on a sugar-fuelled whim at a carnival. She likes it.

For the most part, she wears light, flowing garments in dreamy pastel colours and she absolutely hates shoes. No teetering on four inch heels for this princess! It's barefoot all the way!

Fairy Tale Edit

Die Frau ohne Schatten is a German story about the eldest daughter of Keikobad, born to a human mother. When she marries the Emperor of Austria, she loses her shadow. Her father gives her one year to obtain a new one, or she will never be allowed to return to the Kingdom of Spirits.

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