Keiko is the daughter 


Keiko has long black hair that she mostly perfers to wear in odango. She usually wears a pink shirt and light pink frilly skirt with pink Mary Jane's and white stockings.

Questions Answers
fairytale romance status

Not dating, it's just not in my blood

Best friends forever after

Tsubomi hime and momoko taro.

What is your true hearts desire I want to be allowed to give the elixer to the old bamboo cutter and his wife if not allowed to stay with them entirely.
Royal or rebel Rebel, just because I'm a princess doesn't mean I have to be a royal
Favorite class Ummm... maybe Muse-ic
Flaws I can speak little English, so I have to translate everything
Least favorite class Umm... probably damsel in distressing
What flips your crown

When others can't understand me.

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