Katherine summers is the daughter of Greta and step twins with Elizabeth Ice.She is a royal and dating Steven Cursed .She is also the deuterongist in my book series

Parent's story :'The Snow Queen

Age : 16

Roommate : Elizabeth Ice

Alignment : royals

Secret's heart desire : I want to spread friendship,around

My magic touch : Sadly I don't have one unless making friends really easy is a magic touch

Storybook romance status : I'm dating Steven Cursed

Oh curses moment : when I forget to do something for a good friend

Favorite subject : Princessology ,who says I to be a princess

Least favorite subject: Crownulas ,no explanation needed

Best friend forever after : Elizabeth Ice

How does Katherine fit : When Greta and Kai grew up they got married and had a child .They Summers part of her name comes from her parents love for summer but the Katherine part in her name is unknown

Personality : She is super friendly and outgoing .She loves making friends and she has everyone as her friend except for Sakura Blossom and Ally Poor .She is childish and careless which annoys the other students

Appearence : She has hazel brown eyes and red hair.

Basic wear: She wears a multi colored sun dress .The dress is yellow blue and red .She wears green Mary Janes.

Quotes " Hey sorry if I was late Melody ,Annabelle needed help with reorganizing her side of the room." Katherine when she is late for a swim in the lake with Melody Waves.

Trivia: The only feature she and Elizabeth Ice have is their eye color

She loves tropical fruits

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