Cat is the daughter from the Puss in Boots.

Father fairytaleEdit

Royals and RebellsEdit

She is fine with her role, and doesn't want to change it.


Physical Appearance

Her hair is long, a light brown, and wavy. Her eyes have cat-like pupils, and are iceblue. Instead of normal ears, she has cat-ears, who have a darker tone of brown than her hair. She has a cattail, who is a little darker shade of brown than her ears. She is pretty small but has long limbs. Her right ear has a chap in it.

She wears a dark red dress, under which she wears a sepia-colored blouse, with a vocuhila-skirt. She wears a black leatherbelt at her waist. She has brown boots, that go a little bit over her knees, and are enormous.


She is very smart, and can read people good. On the other hand, she overanalyses stuff sometimes, and gets into panic-mode. More soon.

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