Quotation1 Never forget who you are and what you stand for. Quotation2
Something she just tends to say.
Katanarama is a member of the Ever After High Fandom, and has been a fan since it was first posted online (Just coincidence she found it the day it was posted). She enjoys singing, writing, reading, playing with animals and so much more. She is really not that old but she tends to act it and play mother hen even if your older.

Katanarama is obsessed with pies (except for pecan pie, she finds it disgusting), and apple sauce. She is the queen of procastination, quite surprised she's done as much as she has on this fandom....

Original CharactersEdit

Alexandra Hood - Daughter of Robin Hood

Fritjov Hood - Son of Robin Hood

Little Jamie - Daughter of Little John

Conroy Nevermore - Daughter of The Raven

Ben Keen - Son of the narrator from The Raven


Dexter and Raven

Hunter and Ashlynn

Daring and Cerise

OC ShipsEdit

Frit and Wren (So precious!)

Conroy and Ben (still not sure if I want that quite yet though)

Fun FactsEdit

- Every name that Katanarama makes up for ANY character has to have a meaning, and she rights it down.... If only she remebered where she puts half of them.

- Katanarama wants to have Rapunzel long hair, but I fear that having that long of hair will snap her neck because of how thick it is.

- She really likes boy names put on girls considering she has a boy name.

- Katanarama is said to be very weird for her age, she embraces it any chance she can get

- Katanarama absolutely loves musicals and operas, but she's only ever been to one musical in her life, and barely remembers it.

- She is very, very competitive, which is why she doesn't really DO sports.

- She is the biggest SciFi nerd EVER! As well as just british tv shows in general.

- She liked MLP before G4, so, yeah... She had a better comback in her head, but she forgot it...

- Boop! (She likes saying that)

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