Kane Crackernuts is the son and heir of Kate Crackernuts from the story Kate Crackernuts.


Kane is nice and all, but he's dreadful at describing his emotions and feelings (although he can describe OTHER PEOPLE'S feelings just fine). He's just a tad bit self conscious about things.



Kate Crackernuts: Kate and Kane get along GREAT. Although, sometimes Kate wishes she had a girl she still wouldn't trade Kane for one.

Anne Crackernuts: Kane likes his aunt very much, and she likes him as well. Kane feels a bit bad for Anne seeing as she's sick and all (all meaning that she has to live with her vain and annoying daughter).

Aileen Crackernuts: Kane pretends to be nice to Aileen but really hates her. Aileen is vain and selfish which peeves Kane off a bit.


His only friend (as of yet) is Almanda Seed.

Almanda Seed: Kane and Almanda are like two nuts on a bagel (in other words really good friends). Kane has a crush on Almanda but, won't admit it because, he's worried that it may ruin his friendship with her, or she'd just laugh at him. Almanda is a tad oblivious to the fact that Kane likes her.


Kane has a crush of his friend, Almanda. But, he's too worried about how it will affect things to tell her, and Almanda doesn't know.


He doesn't really have any.

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