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Kamaria Papa is the daughter of the shark from the Heart of a Monkey, a Swahili fairy tale appearing in Andrew Lang's Lilac Fairy Book.



Kamaria is a fierce-looking tiger shark. She is ten feet long. She is naturally very awkward on land, and mostly gets around by using a wheelchair.


Kamaria has a dark, sinister personality. She frequently talks about eating other students, although of course she is just joking. She is a fan of black comedy and offensive jokes. However, she is self-conscious about what other students think of her, and even more self-conscious of the bad reputation that sharks have.

She resists her destiny, since it involves being tricked by a greedy monkey. She always claims that she will eat the monkey if he messes with her.



Kamaria has a big family, although she can look after herself since sharks are not known for their parenting skills.


Kamaria's best friend is Bianca Del Sole. Kamaria admires Bianca's recklessness.


Many of the students fear Kamaria due to her intimidating, threatening appearance.


Kamaria isn't looking for love.


  • Kamaria's surname means "shark" in Swahili.
  • Kamaria likes humming the Jaws theme when she is at pool parties.