Kaiden Splinter is the son of Kai  Edit

  • best freinds with  Icy Queen
  • owns a wolf-dog named Viana
  • is unsure whether he is royal or rebel
  • looks up to Hunter Huntsman

Kaiden Splinter fun factsEdit

  • first name is pronounced K-eye-den
  • has a fear of mirrors
  • Has rose transforming and growing powers

Kaiden Splinter FlawsEdit

  • works on impulses
  • impatient
  • overly talkative
  • gullible

Kaiden Splinter positive traitsEdit

  • protective
  • loyal
  • honest

Kaiden Splinter physisical traitsEdit

  • ash brown  hair
  • brown eyes
  • tan skin


basic- Red western shirt. Dark blue stone- wash jeans. Black cowboy boots.

Getting fairest- red T-shirt, dark brown shorts. Very messed up hair.


Icy Queen

Adira Aimen

Heiress King