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Jordana Nachtigall is the daughter of Jorinde and Joringel from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale by the same name.


Name: Jordana Nachtigall

Age: 15

Parent's Story: Jorinde and Joringel

Roommate: Sapphira Clé

Alignment: Neutral

Secret Heart's Desire: To use the magic of red lilies to help me.

My "Magic" Touch: I can grow red lilies with my tears. Pretty cool, eh?

Storybook Romance Status: I'm going out with Florin Trandafir. He's so nice - he gives me flowers at least once a week!

"Oh Curses!" Moment: Being near nightingales creeps me out. I keep thinking that they're really human.

Favorite Subject: Heroics 101. I enjoy going on adventures.

Least Favorite Subject: Damsel-in-Distressing. Mom was held captive by a witch and doesn't want me to suffer the same fate.

Best Friends Forever After: Viorica and Florin Trandafir. We all share a love for flowers.



Jordana is of average height, with long brown hair and teal eyes. She wears a pink shirt with a red lily on it, a red skirt, red shoes, and a pink headband with red lily barrettes.


Jordana is a lover of flowers, and she is fond of growing them, especially growing them with her tears, magic which she inherited from her father.


Hello. I am Jordana Nachtigall. My parents are Jorinde and Joringel from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. They got married after my dad saved my mom. We're not as affluent as most other students here - we're commoners, not royalty. My parents live in a cottage, where Dad tends sheep and works in the fields. I also have a brother named Jorgen who is three years younger than me. They come to visit me frequently.

At Ever After High, I am a bit shy, but I am well-liked. What I like doing best is gardening. I water the blood-red lilies that I grow with my tears. My friend Viorica Trandafir has made a gardening club. Me and Viorica grow flowers together. Sometimes Viorica's little brother Florin helps out. Florin and I grew to really love each other over our shared love for flowers - his maternal grandmother is the Flower Queen, who can make flowers grow as high as the sky. There are other kids in our group, who help out with trees. One of them is Isidore L'Orange, who grows orange trees.

I'm glad that Florin accepts me as his girlfriend even though I'm not a princess. His parents and grandmother seem to like me too.

My roommate Sapphira is pretty cool too. At first we had trouble getting along, knowing that she is Bluebeard's daughter (and has blue hair), but we learned to get along and now we're very close. She's not in my room much - often she's out exploring.


Jordana's surname means "nightingale" in German.

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