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Jordan G. Stiltskin is the son of Rumpelstiltskin, Title character and antagonist in the classic tale Rumpeltiltskin. He began studying at Ever After High in order to learn magic, so he would be able to find a way to avoid his destiny.



Jordan is a loner. He is quite shy when talking with someone for first time, and can't avoid saying inappropriate things, so he prefers not to have friends instead of having enemies or people mad at him. If you can keep a conversation going with him, he can be very nice and friendly, 'cause he will feel confortable. He will always act with logic and putting her feelings away, plus, he won't take any risk, he thinks that if he does, it will always go bad for him. He can be as loyal, honest and kind as he wants, just don't make him angry.


Jordan has light skin tone, gold eyes and a light ash brown hair.

Fairy tale: RumpeltiltskinEdit

You can find the story Here Just like the story, Jordan is suposed to help a miller's daugther to spin the straw into gold by making a deal with her so she won't be killed, he will turn the straw into gold and she will give him three things, one for each night of help, and the last one, as she has nothing left, has to be her firstborn. The deal is that if she can figure out what his name is, he won't take the baby. At the end, the girl will find out the name and he will have to rip himself in two. That's what he doesn't like about it, he says that it's sick and creepy, and that he has no reason to do that kind of thing to himself.



His Dad is Rumplestiltskin, who was suposed to be death, but he found out that he was a teacher in Ever After High, that's why he is so sure that he can make his own destiny.

He never met his Mom, and he doesn't like talk about it.

Friends Jordan is a Loner, so he doesn't have really good friends. This doesn't means he doesn't have any, but he likes that way.


He has a little Calico cat he calls Tom, he got it recently and they've been friends since then, it's more Family than a Pet.


Quotation1 Life is like a game, you know, one misstep and you're done. Quotation2


  • His name Jordan comes from Joaidane, Rumpeltiltskin's name in arabic, what means "He, who talks too much", exactly the oposite of his personality.
  • The Cat called Tom is a hint to Tom Tit Tot

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