Quotation1 Yes I'm named after my father's bloody boat! Now, get over it and get back to whatever it is you losers do! Quotation2
Jordan being a jerk

Jordan Hook is the cruel and focused daughter of Captain James Hook from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan and its sequels. Jordan is destined to be the next Captain Hook but, doesn't exactly want to very much but, she'd NEVER tell that to her father...NEVER.


Jordan is a very serious and mean person who tries to stay focused and eliminate distractions. But, underneath all of that serious and meanness she's actually quite nice.



Jackson Hook (Twin Brother): Jordan and Jackson get along...Um....Ok? If you call ok annoying each other to death, and fighting each other for things...Then yeah, ok.

Captain James Hook (Father): James loves his daughter and all, but he commonly says that he wishes his heir was a male. This annoys Jordan (this is why she strives to be serious, so she can graduate and show her father that she's just as good a pirate as he is).


Jordan is only really friends with the children of the members of her father's old crew. But, none of them have very good relationships with Jordan besides for Contessa.

Contessa Mason: Tessa and Jordan are childhood buddies that never grew apart. Although they're like utter opposites they're still best friends. But, the fact that Tessa has a crush on Jordan's brother does creep Jordan out. And, Tessa wishes that Jordan were less uptight.


Jordan has a ton.


She believes that romance is a waste of time.


Meghan Ory would be a great portrayer for Jordan seeing as they look and sound very much alike. And Meghan is an amazing actress (She made a great Ruby and Red in Ounce Upon a Time :))!


Meghan Ory

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