Quotation1 Well, My name comes from the line have a Holly, Jolly Christmas Quotation2
Jolly explaining Her Name
 Jolly Clause is the adpodtive daughter of Santa Claus. She is also is the eldest sister of her brother and sister. 

Appearance Edit

Jolly has curly midnight black hair, mint green eyes. She has fair pale skin and has a dark green dress with a red "J" on it along with a dark green beret with a red "J" on it.

Personailty Edit

Jolly is most known for being the sweet the girl, if you say hi to her you would get a tooth ache. She is a very friendly person who probley loves anything and everybody, Except Apple White. She just dosent understand Apple.


Father and Mother Jolly has a very good reletioship with her adpotive mother and father. She and her mother usally a known for baking cookies on Christmas Eve for all the elves for their hard work. And she and her father usally makes toys for the children on Decemeber 17.

Nicky and HollyEdit

Jolly shares a bad relationship since, Jolly is usally called the "Golden Child" Because she gets the best grades. But her true nature comes out when her sibling are around. She yells at her sister and brother.

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