Jojo Hook is the daughter of Captain James Hook from the story, Peter Pan.



Jojo sees herself as the perfect person who can proof to people what is right and wrong. She might be the daughter of Captain Hook, but she truly has a golden heart. She can boss people around sometimes and scare off students who annoy her. She is quite frightening but she's nice and kind. Jojo can be careless at times and people calls her aloof and ignorant. She accepts that but is a actually a different person. She's helpful and caring at times, but she can be sarcastic, too.


Jojo has wavy pale black hair with golden streaks in it. She has green eyes and pale beige skin. She's the height of Ashlynn Ella. She has an eyepatch with a pink seashell for the part that covers her right eye. She has one small tattoo on her left wrist which is a drawing of a few round coins on and under each other. 



Jojo isn't like her father, but they are very close. Captain Hook stayed in Neverland while Jojo left to Ever After High. But they do send message to each other.


Darcy TremaineHailey Huntsman and Nyx Wolf are Jojo's only best friends. Jojo is also very good friends with Una Duckling and Ruby Danceston. She is in good terms with Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter, and Cerise Hood.


Treasure is Jojo's colorful pet parrot who can talk. Unlike other parrots, Treasure does not annoy Jojo, instead, he advises her when she needs help and gives her company when she is feeling lonely. 


Jojo doesn't have any enemies but she finds dramatic people extremely annoying, also girly girls and show offs. She shows a small dislike towards the Royals, especially Apple White. 


Jojo isn't a fond of romance at all. Some boys at Ever After High has a crush on her, but she is not interested at all. She is completely fine with not having romance in her story and wants it to stay that way.


  • Jojo lost her left hand while training with her father, as there was knives, it got cut off by accident.

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