Joan Silver is the daughter of Long John Silver, main antagonist of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.


Joan's voice actress would be Kelly Osbourne who voices Hildy Gloom in Disney's The 7D.


Joan's personality is similar to Jane Hook's. But she does show a soft spot for her other best friend, Jen Hawkins.


She wears a blue jacket over her black-and-white shirt. She also wears blue shorts. She mostly uses a crutch to get around similar to her father.



Joan is the daughter of Long John Silver. Her mother is currently unknown.


Joan has a rough friendship with her roommate Jane Hook. She does however manage to get along well with Jen Hawkins and Lemuel Sobeck.


Joan owns a pet lobster named Mr. Pinchy. She says lobsters make better pets than parrots.


Just like Jane, Joan detests romance.


  • I was inspired by Muppet Treasure Island to give Joan a lobster as a pet.
    • I also got the idea from The Simpsons to name him Mr. Pinchy.
  • Her friendship with Jen is similar to their fathers' friendship.

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