Jillian Hills

Jillian Stalk

Jillian Stalk is the daughter of Jack, from the story Jack and the Bean Stalk


Jillian is a dreamer who always has her head in the clouds, she dreams of breaking the boundries between the rich and the poor and proving girls can do what boys can. Jillian is nice, fun, and loves to play her harp.


Jillian has golden hair, tan skin, and prefers to wears all shades of green. She has a small green hat with a yellow skirt and green stars. She also has green heels.




Parents StoryEdit

Jack and The Bean Stalk




Cookie Gingers

​Secret Heart's DesireEdit

I want to be a hero like my dad.

My "Magic" TouchEdit

I can make anything grow, and I'm good with numbers.

My Storybook RomanceEdit

I think Sparrow Hood is cute whether he is arrogant or not. We've been friends since preschool.

​My "Oh Curses!" MomentEdit

I always get in trouble for bringing gold in Professor Rumpilstskin class.

Favorite SubjectEdit

Muse-ic, I can play a mean harp.

​Least Favorite SubjectEdit

Royal Student Council, other noble's look down on me.

Best Friend Forever AfterEdit

Sparrow Hood. Me and him always have music lessons together.



Sparrow Hood, Bunny Blanc, Raven Queen, and Tiny


I have a pet baby cow names Gold, she has gold fur obviously, and no spots. I like to have her horns braided with flowers.

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