Quotation1 I'm not afraid of you...what am I saying... HELP ME!!!! Quotation2
Jaycie Hook when put face-to-face with a crocodile.

Jaycie Hook is the daughter of Captain Hook from the fairytale Peter Pan.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Jaycie Hook is kind but thinks about her villainy a lot. She may be talking about sword fighting but has the sweetest smile and twinkling eyes and sounds like a songbird. She is a Royal because she happens to be very organized and believes in a system like the destiny system.


Jaycie has hair as brown as chocolate.

Fairy tale –Peter PanEdit

How The Story GoesEdit

To summarize, Peter Pan is a boy who won't grow up.

How Does Jaycie Fit Into It?Edit

Magic brought hook back to life and gave him a child.



Jaycie and her father are very close though Jaycie feels like something weird is going on with. Hook as it will be described in an upcoming fanfic.


She is very good friends with Marissa Mirror and Emerald Wizard. She is in their little group, though she isn't as close to them as they are to each other, like Blondie to Briar and Apple. They are still best friends.


Jaycie has a pet parrot named Polly. (Yes, Jaycie decided to go classic.)


Jaycie never will have to deal with that, so she doesn't worry.


Jaycie has three main outfits:


Jaycie wears her brown hair in a bun shaped like the flag of the Jolly Roger. Her black-and-white short-sleeved shirt also has the design if the Jolly Roger's flag on it. She wears black and white tights under black shorts. Jaycie wears black and white striped high heel shoes.

Legacy DayEdit

Jaycie wears heavy black and red layers of shirts and a big red jacket/cape.

Getting FairestEdit

Jaycie wears her Basic shirt in a tank top form, and a red sweater over it. Her hair is curled with swords, and she wears red shorts. She has black slippers.



" Oh, put my swords over there and my parrot over there, and my anti-crocodile posters all over my wall, and my deadly poison collection can go on my bed stand, right where I can see it and wake up to it in the morning."

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  • Jaycie's birthday is April 7th.
  • If Jaycie had a theme song, it would be Toxic by Britney Spears.



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