Quotation1 Warmth of winter? Did you really just say 'warmth of winter'?! Please, save me from your philosophical nonsense. Quotation2
Jadis arguing with her father

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Jadis would be voiced by Lana Del Rey.

She would be portrayed in live-action by Emma Watson.



Jadis is rash and prone to using her fists instead of words. She is easily angered and annoyed, and has no patience for philosophical stuff. She's an outgoing, spunky girl who chitchats and has a high EQ. She adores shopping and hanging out with friends, and hates being confined to a place.


Jadis has wavy brown hair, usually tied up in two low ponytails. She hates her hair, and wants to dye it to a lighter color more fitting to winter, but her father doesn't allow it, saying "it's the warmth of winter".


Father Frost

How Does Jadis Come Into This?Edit

Father Frost fell in love with a young mortal woman, and they had Jadis.



Jadis currently lives with her adopted father in small, humble cottage. She adores her father; fascinated by his powers and authority. Her father is her idol and confidante. Their relationship is beyond the normal father-daughter relationship.

Her mother died shortly after she was born, never giving Jadis the chance to know her. From rumors, she heard that her brown hair was the only trait she had of her mother's, which is why her father absolutely forbids her from changing it.


Jadis' BFFA is her roommate (Who I am currently looking for XD)


Jadis has a boyfriend (who I am also currently looking for)


  • Jadis' first name is from the White Witch in the Narnia series of books. The Witch made Narnia fall into eternal winter so.
  • Jadis' last name is from her adopted father's name, Frost (Father Frost).
  • Her birthday is on December 22nd.

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