Ivory Hunstman

Ivory Hunstman is a boyish, skateboard obssesed, but loyal girl. She's the younger sister to Hunter Huntsman and certainly the tougher one. Her brother refers to her as 'Lil' sis' or i. In the destiny conflict, she's on the rebel side because even though she doesn't have a story, she belives everyone should have the chance to write their own. She's a part time worker at Madeline Hatter's tea shoppe in the village of book end. Ironically though, she's terrible at woodwork.


In English, I imagine her being voiced by Laura Bailey.



Ivory is a tomboy who is intrested in skateboarding over anything. She's very protective and will do anything to protect her friends and family. Ivory enjoys sports and shares her intrest in running with Cerise Hood. She's also the toughest girl in the school, but nonetheless she's a very loyal friend and sister to her brother. Even so, she always feels she's living in Hunters shadow and people expect way too much from her.


Ivory has dark brown hair in a side braid with a bit of hair hanging over her left ear. She also has light brown eyes and is pale, unlike her brother.



Ivory is the middle child and daughetr of the Huntsman. She has an older brother, Hunter, and a baby sister named Fern, whom she gets along best with in her family.


Her BFFA'S are Hunter, Ashlynn, Cerise and Poppy, but she generally gets along with everybody.


Ivory and Hunter share Pesky, but for some reason Pesky doesn't annoy ivory.


Ivory used to date Sparrow Hood but broke up with him after he cheated on her.


Ivory is a play on poison Ivy, so her her nickname is also Poison Ivory.

Her name was orginally Amazon Huntsman

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