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Ismene Laideron is the daughter of the ugly princess from Riquet with the Tuft by Charles Perrault. She is the cousin of Calliope Riquet.


Name: Ismène Laideron

Age: 15

Parent's Story: Riquet with the Tuft

Alignment: Rebel

Roommate: Penelope Orsini

Secret Heart's Desire: To be appreciated for my knowledge rather than my looks.

My "Magic" Touch: I am skilled at academics.

Storybook Romance Status: Kamil Zlotkowski is my boyfriend. He's also very nerdy.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: It's hard to get noticed when you're this ugly. Most guys would rather date a pretty girl than a smart one. Plus I can come off as a know-it-all to some people.

Favorite Subject: Crown-culus. I'm good at math.

Least Favorite Subject: Princessology. My cousin makes this class a living hell for me.

Best Friend Forever After: My roommate Penelope. She appreciates my intellect.



Ismene is fair skinned, average height, with dirty blond hair in multiple braids and green eyes. Wears a black and white striped shirt and blue jeans. She wears glasses.


Ismene is a smart, studious girl who is very insecure about her looks. She is frequently teased by her snobbish cousin Calliope.


Hello there! My name is Ismene Laideron. I am the daughter of the ugly princess from Riquet with the Tuft. My mother was the younger of two sisters. She was ugly and smart while her sister was pretty and dumb. Of course, Riquet chose beauty over brains, and Mom was ignored in favor of her stupid sister.

Mom figured that Riquet didn't deserve her and married a prince who was more worthy of her. I am an only child. I have a cousin named Calliope from my mom's sister, but we don't get along at all. Calliope is a bully and an airhead, and she looks down on everyone who isn't attractive.

I'm very academically gifted, and I'm good at math and science. I love tackling the harder, more academic subjects - it's fun. I encourage princesses to use their brains instead of being airheaded ditzes like my cousin and Apple White. I'm considered a nerd around here, but I don't mind that designation. I find studying to be very rewarding.

I hate my mother's story - I find it unfair. I'm not a die-hard feminist, but I still think it's ridiculous to value a woman's appearance over her intelligence. That's why I am a Rebel. I think that beauty is only skin deep - who cares if a woman is beautiful or not? Who cares if anyone is beautiful or not? Calliope may be gorgeous, but she's very arrogant and narcissistic.


  • Ismene's name means "knowledge" in Greek.
  • Ismene's surname is a French term for an ugly young woman.
  • If she were an official character, she would be voiced by Eden Riegel, who voices Koan in the Viz dub of Sailor Moon.

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