Isabelle Bones
File:Isabelle Bones.jpg
Character Profile
Parent Story Singing Bones
Age 16 in bone years
Alignment Rebels
Roommate Madele Ann Handless
Secre t Heart's Desire I want to be a singer like my dad.
My "Magic" Touch Entering singing contest because I love singing th
Storybook Romance Status Ethan Cards was my dreamboy he will be my future husband 
Oh "Curses!" Moments Daring calling me a funky bones because my father was a singing bones.
Favourite Subject Muse-ic I love singing
Least Favourite Subject

Gym I am very weak

Best Friends Forever After     

Isabelle Bones is the daughter of the Singing bones by the Brothers Grimm.Milton Grimm discover her he decided to enroll a special school just for her.



She was very clever and friendly she's also a taltkative because of her father.She was a best singer like her father.She hates Daring because she call her a funky bones because of her father so she kicked him a lot.


Her make up is like Sugar Skull. Like Skelita she's not a Mexican. She has Deep black hair, pale skin and pink eyes.She wears a Black dress with skeleton and notes designs, White socks with skeleton and Note details and black shoes with skulls and note heels.

Grimms tale – Singing BoneEdit

A boar lays waste to a country, and two brothers set out to kill it. The younger meets a little man who gives him a spear, and with it, he kills the boar. Carrying the body off, he meets his brother, who had stayed to drink until he felt brave. The older brother lures him in, gives him drink, and learns of the younger brother's adventure. They then set out to deliver the body to the king, but on passing a bridge, the older kills the younger, and buries his body beneath it. He takes the boar himself to the king, and marries the king's daughter.

One day a shepherd sees a bone under the bridge and uses it to make a mouthpiece for a horn, which begins to sing on its own. The shepherd takes this marvel to the king. On hearing the song, which tells the tale of the murder, the king has the younger brother's skeleton dug up. The older brother cannot deny murdering him and is executed.



Her father was a singing Skull


Cedar Wood was her friend they met at the first day at school and she met a new friends named Raven Queen,Cerise Hood and Dexter Charming they met at the Castleteria she enjoy her friends


Bonnie her black crow


She crushed at Ethan Cards

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