Isabelle Beast is the daughter of Beauty and the Beast, aka the handsome prince that Beauty marries.



Isabelle is a nice and kind girl, however, she has some temper on herself. She's into wilderness things and reading and writing books. She doesn't like fights nor arguements and she doesn't get annoyed very easily. She enjoys exploring and finding out new places. Isabelle is very social and is a little popular at school, but she is very shy at times. She's sometimes a worrier and is not sure about herself, but she tries her best to believe in herself.

She doesn't like bullying or bullies, just like her roommate. She loves roses and wishes to have a great garden full of them. Isabelle isn't a fond of music, though.However, she is strong and brave, and she promises things and does so, she does not like when people break promises.


Isabelle's hair is a caramel color and she has blue eyes. She has light skin and freckles, her height is about Briar Beauty's.

In her basic, she puts purple lipstick and holds a brown fur heart shaped bag and it's handle is red.




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