Quotation1 Hello, I'm Iris! Quotation2
How Iris Chrome greets everyone.

Iris Chrome is the daughter of Polychrome and granddaughter to the Rainbow.


She's sweet, nice, social, fun, and graceful (Yeah, graceful doesn't really fit but, still).



Her father is unknown although Iris' mother says he is from Oz, and it is quite possible that he is the Shaggy Man. Iris' mother is Polychrome. Her grandfather is the Rainbow. Iris has many cousins and aunts.


Jade Diggs: Iris' oldest friend from Kindergarten she hangs out with her after school. Jade us the next Oscar Diggs, or Wizard of Oz.

Darcy Gale: Darcy is Iris' smart friend who tutors people, Darcy is the daughter of Dorothy Gale.

Danica Gale: Danica is Iris' friend who wants to be the next Dorothy Gale and a princess of Oz.

Sarah Man: Her friend and the next Shaggy Man.

Betsy Cluck: Her friend who can turn into a chicken, she is the great-great-great grandchild of Billina, and the next Billina.

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