"This is my mirror blog. Here I shall be posting about my amazing life (I did not mean to sound like I was bragging. What I only meant to say was that life is amazing no matter what). I am attending Ever After High to learn how to be the best princess I can be and I cannot wait to share what I have learned." -Imogen Ganseliesel

Mirror BlogEdit

I am done packing up for Ever After high. I will truly miss my kingdom, but I must follow my destiny.

I am traveling to Ever After High with my magical horse, Spirit, and the daughter of the servant from my parent's story. I do not think I made a good impression. In fact, I think I annoyed her.

Normally, it would only take a few hours to get to EAH. In a carriage. On a horse, it would take days :(

I finally made it to EAH! The school is even more beautiful than I could ever imagine!

Apparently, I am rooming with a girl named Gemma Faerie. She is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother. I hope she will like me. I am not the best at making new friends.

Ugh! Life is so difficult without my servants. I do not know how to do anything. I shall ask my roommate to help me.

All the boys at EAH are so handsome! But which one am I betrothed to?

There was a food fight in the castleteria today. I suspect a certain feline was the culprit.

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