Ilona Sharp is the daughter of The servants with the powerful eyes (sometimes referred to as 'Bulleteye' or 'Sharpeyes') from Grimm's tale 'The Six Servants'. She is born blind, but according to her destiny, she will inherit her father's power to make things explode by looking at them. Only her closest friends know that she doesn't have any powers yet.

Ilona is a rebel. She has several reasons for this, even though she does not dislike her story.



Ilona is very stubborn and often acts sarcastic and bad tempered, but has actually a very low self-esteem. She cares deeply about her friends, even though she rarely admits it.


Ilona is quite short, She has long, dark brown hair which she wears in a braid most of the time, and unusual fluffy bangs. Her eyecolor remains a secret.

Fairy TaleEdit

Her father appeared in both The Six Servants from the Brothers Grimm, and the Czech tale Long, Broad and Sharpsight

Ilona is willing to be a servant, but the doesn't want to help a prince to 'get the girl, even though they don't know each other' She also wants to know what her destiny is after just helping someone.



Ilona has a German father (counting on Grimms tales) and a Czech mother. Her parents met in Prague after her fathers adventure in 'Long, Broad and Sharpsight'. Her father gave up his power short before Ilona was born, but it was predicted that Ilona would inherit this power.


Ilonas best friends are Hilliard Broad, June Frost and the other sons and daughters of her father's friends. (Their profiles are comming up). She cares deeply about them, but she doesn't usually admit it.

Ilona has trouble making other friends, because she often hides her insecureties by acting sarcastic.


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She does not have any romantic relationship. Ilona believes that her appearance and power are turn-offs, and she has her doubts about the existence of 'True Love'

Even though she says that she has no problem with not finding love (because it's not in her destiny), she often cries herself asleep because no one will ever love her.



Ilona wears a long, red coat, decorated with golden trims and buttons. She wears a white blouse underneed. Around her neck, she has a lace ruff with blue trims. She also wears a knee-length, grey skirt. She pairs it with black boots and white thights. A fascinator made out of blue and red feathers is attached to her blindfold.

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