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Snow 1

How Icy ends letters ands signs papers, after her name.


Icy Queen drawn by DECODERME

Icy Queen is the daughter of the Snow QueenEdit

  • Is a rebel
  • looks up to Raven Queen
  • sometimes trips over her 7 foot long hair
  • a bit tomboyish
  • does not understand/use make-up

Icy Queen Fun FactsEdit

  •  her hair is naturally brunette, but after too much time in the frozen north,it become an iced over icy blue
  • has a pet german shepard named Empress
  • IS NOT  related to Raven Queen
  • has a stuffed polar bear named Polara
  • Best freinds with Kaiden Splinter
  • has hypnosis and ice powers
  • does not want to hurt Kaiden (the next Kai)
  • birthday is August 29th
  • Belongs to Group for the Magically Gifted
  • Is a Quickian (Swifty)

Icy Queen FlawsEdit

  • sensitive
  • feels worthless
  • socially awkward with popular girls
  • talks to animals ALOT!! (makes her seem weird) Note that she doesn't actually hear the animals in English, she just talks to them and pretends that they answer.               

    Icy's book of stories, photos and memories.

  • doesn't go to any to none parties (spends time studying)
  • prone to bullying/teasing
  • socially awkward with strangers

Icy Queen Positive TraitsEdit

  • exellent seamstess,writer , gymnast and singer
  • lovable loser
  • sypathetic
  • kind
  • good listener

Icy Queen Physical traitsEdit

  • icy blue skin
  • hair:See Icy Queen Fun Facts, has well kept bangs.
  • 4 feet tall
  • 12 years old
  • Icy blue eyes
  • needs light blue glasses to see



Kaiden Splinter Kaiden Splinter

Raven Queen

Baelor Hooves

Any OC's that want to befriend her!

All pets

All wild animals

Heiress king

Adira Aimen

Scaylor Jewel

Willamina Rabbit

Wicked West

Icy Snowman


Icy rooms with Heiress King and Adira Aimen. Both are a bit older than her but they are really nice. Icy repays their "girl wisdom" with some good home cooking and iced tea. Although Icy is working on it,Heiress once said that she had to wear a sweater to go to her room. These roomates slowly implant confidence in Icy.


basic- Icy wears her hair in a braid, pulled up tight to contain her long lockes. She wears some bleached,light work jeans. Her shirt is a white tank top. On her feet, she wears white ballet flats.Light blue glasses.  If it weren't for her unusual hair and skin color, Icy would go unnoticed.

formal- Wears a pale blue western shirt with white,pearlized buttons. Wears a white belt with a silver buckle. Wears what is known in 4-H as show jeans, but bleached. Wears white show boots with blue embroidory.  Light blue glasses.

Getting Fairest- White silk shirt. Blue satin pants. Wears her hair in two sleep braids.Wears thin white socks. No glasses,is crosseyed because of this.

Icy's Family Edit

Icy's mother is the Snow Queen.

Art Gallery Edit

By freakymagic