Icela Snow Edit

Appearance Edit

Icela is tall, with shimmering white hair, always done up in a braid thats slung over her back and a sparkly white tiara, that matches snow. She wears a blue dress, with poofed up sparkling blue sleeves. The belt to her dress is a darkish blue. The skirt to her dress is the same blue as her dress and theres a layer over it with an icicle pattern on it. She wears simple blue heels. And, oh ya, she wears a very important pair of gloves.

Famous Parent Edit

The Snow Queen

Family Edit

There is my mother, the Snow Queen, my father, the Snow King, and my little siblings, all twins, Freda and Jay, Breda and Tray, and Greta and Ray.

Bio Edit

One of the Royals, (trying to prove shess not a kidnapper and only helping) she used to be shy and quiet, until she met her friends, Ashlynn and Cerise. She holds a secret that not many people know, like her friends holding secrets. Until something big happens and her snow powers are revealed. And turns out shes liked by a lot of people. Now you ask, how did she get these powers, you ask? Well, out of anger, her mother accidentllay puts a curse on her, leading her to believe she she could hurt, or even kill, someone. Until her secret is revealed and shes no longer afraid.

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