This book was thought up by Clawdeen Ghoul however, Ever-After-Higher-Girl wrote it.

Chapter 1 My Ears Tell Me I am Late.... for someone's Heart!Edit

Bunny Ticktock was walking with her faster steps in one of Ever after High's gardens special lunch areas. I'm late...AGAIN she thought looking at her clock. She swept a naughty white-blonde hair lock from her beautiful soft face. Three minutes, next her green as the morning forest eyes shone at the sun. She stopped near the special wishing well .Hi Bunny! Kitty Chesire smiled at her. Where have you been? Cerise Hood asked then with a friendly face. Bunny replied fast as she walked at the first step of the small staircase driving to the well the..uh CLASS! Yes, I got late here to so I stayed a little longer to take book's! So that's why I was late for our special lunch break too. Sorry girls. Yes, it was a little lie, but how could Bunny say she forgot it and dissapoint her friend? Bunny is not that type of person. Dont mention it. They replied both and laugh. Bunny brought a smile bright as a star and shone over the wishing well. Amelia Killer heart brought her a shyly but tryly smile at her and said happily. Hi, Bunny. Well I saved you a seat! Bunny laughed happily and sat at the throne with an exciting face and a smile. The lunch was so great. Jazzy-Mena Aladdin walked at the well. Her frozen look at Bunny's sweet eyes. The girly laughs stopped. The genie's daughter with that cold devilish eyes and that Acraba smell (Bunny hated that smell) she was a girl with a big idea for herself. She though she could rule the world. ''What do you want Jazzy-Mena? Bunny cried with strong clear voice as she stood up from her throne seat. Jazzy-Mena Aladdin walked with model steps and got more close to Bunny. Well, well, well! The ALWAYS late girl,the CAT, the WOLF and the Killer sitting at MY OWN TABLE....Well, well It's time to stand up darlings! Well, NO JAZZY-MENA!!!!! THIS IS NOT YOUR TABLE, THIS IS NOT YOUR WORLD, SO LEAVE US ALONE!!! Bunny replied with DYNAMIC voice. Fire burned in her heart. Her eyes shone brighter than ever.'  But Jazzy-Mena's said'' ''' Welll.... SURE IF YOU WANT EVERYBODY LEARN WHO IS YOUR DEARIE PRETTY CERISE!!!' No, Cerise whispered as tears fell at her beautiful secretly face. Cerise! The other girs said and ran to give her a hug. Well, what will you do, late girl??? The genie's daughter said again. D...Do it Bun..Bunny. It's o...k...ok, Cerise tried to say as she cried. Bunny sat quietly. Forget us Jazzy-Mena. We were just leaving... A second later Bunny felt strong Cerise's through her arms around her neck thanks.. Cerise whispered. Bunny gave her a sad smile and a hug. TBA

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