Hilliard Broad is the son of the Fat man (sometimes referred to as 'Hillbelly') from the story 'The Six Servants'. 

Hilliard is a Royal, since he does not have a problem with his story. He has dreams for his furure, though.



Hilliard is a big-hearted guy with a great sence of humor. He loves to socialize and he is always in for a party. His favorite hobbies are eating and drinking. When he doesn't get his food are drinks in time, he can act very rude, but that's never for a long time.


Hilliards most noticable feature is that he is overweight, this is a part of his 'power'. He has blonde, curly hair and hazel eyes.

Fairy TaleEdit

His father appeared in both The Six Servants: by the Brothers Grimm, and the Czech tale Long, Broad and Sharpsight

Hilliard is willing to be a servant, especially because it contains his favorite hobbies (eating and drinking) in this case. He has plans for after his adventure, though.



Hilliard is part of a large family, in which everyone is overweight and eats too much. He and his father dissociate from the rest of his family, because 'they just ask for food and don't even work for it'. Hilliard has a good connection with his father, though.


Ilona Sharp is a good friend of Hilliard. Their fathers have been friends for a long time, that's how they know each other. Hilliard is always looking for new friends, but that is not as easy as he thinks.


Hilliard is not involved in a romantic relationship, and he is not excactly looking for it. He sometimes shows some interests in his friend Ilona, but he never makes a serious move.



Hilliards wears an off-white shirt, red checkered knee-lenght trousers with suspenders and brown shoes. For school he has a brown bag which is shaped like a barrel.

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