Hiitsalexa,or better known as Alexa,is a user in EAHF and is a totally,but not-so-much,loner.She does her morning routine,simple.Wake up,drink water,take a bath,eat breakfast,brush teeth,then go to school.She likes to type and read.

Her OCsEdit

Beau Beast-Icon-Rebel

Whitney White-Icon-Royal

Lilac M. Girl-Icon-Rebel

Bernadette Boyegan-Icon-Neutral

Lisa Hearts-Icon-Rebel

Their MirrorBlogsEdit

Beau Beast's MirrorBlog

Lilac Girl's MirrorBlog

Bonita Boyegan's MirrorBlog

NOTE:Whitney's MirrorBlog is going to be added sooner or later.


She is sometimes friendly or maybe a rebellious person.She prefers to sleep until 9:00 am or maybe 11:00 am sometime.


She is a bit chubby,sharp nose,chappy lips,and a bit cute face.



She wears a sando,pajamas and rose slippers.


She wears a polo shirt,khaki pants and Skechers shoes.


She mostly wears blouses or t-shirts,then pants or leggings,and boots.

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