This is the driver page of Hiddenfolk. I like fairies of the mean celtic kind, monster high and drawing. So much drawing.

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I'm also an avid doll collector so that's something. I need me some dolls. Currently I'm hankering for SS Abbey.

About me

So I'm Hiddenfolk, but folk call me Hidden!

I'm an awkward teen who has no friends irl due to being an anti-social weenie when I was younger. I'm pretty quiet, but I'm not lonely because I am a master of enjoying my own company. When I draw and think of ocs and art, I just get so happy that I can't stop smiling. At this point in life, I can safely say that I wholeheartedly love art. Drawing, learning, seeing others draw to the best of their ability, seeing them improve, seeing masterpieces and the genius behind every stroke... everything about it fills me with joy.

I'm the type of person who has an avoidance reaction to bad things, to the point where just trying to describe myself can be stressful. I guess being so much in my own head has it's drawbacks! While I'm listing flaws, I can have a short fuse, and am extremely indecisive when it comes to many situations, to the point where describing myself can be impossible. I literally have no opinion to give. That's only on minor stuff though, I do indeed have political and social stances and a moral compass, don't worry. I'm not that interested in politics tho, I'd rather keep my blood pressure normal. Nowadays I'm trying to be a bit better in facing my problems instead of reacting to any social interaction with extreme anxiety and stress. I'm not as good at being social as I'd like to be but you know, I'm making progress haha.

My philosophy for talking online is 'if you have nothing good to say, say nothing.' Since there's a detachment between what you think and then type online, I can refrain from impulsively saying something rude. And I definitely don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! The worst I'll go is a neutral response. This philosophy is actually helping me irl too so that I can stop lashing out as frequently.

Overall though, I suppose you could describe me as pretty chill. I have a 'qué será, será' attitude that I'm slowly spreading to all aspects of life, although I have yet to find a balance between it and my productivity issues when it comes to responsibility and schoolwork. I avoid saying anything that could potentially hurt and have a pretty positive attitude because of it. And I tend to be neutrally positive when it comes to choosing my favourite whatevers. So yeah. That's me.

I also love psychology, which is just awesome, dolls, which are so colourful and creative that they make me happy, comics, cartoons, mythology, superstitions, tea, art supplies and walking. At this point I've stopped taking the bus entirely because I'd rather walk.

So what else can I say? Hm, well I get extremely upset when I lose or damage any stationery whatsoever, my favourite book genres are fantasy and dystopia, and I'm thinking of changing my name when I'm older. I'm half Polish, am insecure about my overall fluency, and also like languages in general.

So either way, thank you for visiting my driver page and I hope you have a good day!


Upcoming ocs

Ènna Fletcher- Fitcher's Bird. Post-story, her mother started a clothes company and became a fashion icon. Ènna is an introverted person who feels ill equipped to live up to her mother's legacy. She spends her time taking language courses, making costumes for the drama department and taking care of her falcon.

Maho Pan- Satyr from the shepherdess and the chimney sweep and Minton's best friend. He's the anchoring force to stop Min from smashing her face in. Enjoys antiques and will go on for hours about historical significance and craftsmanship if you let him. He's prone to stress and is easily flustered, particularly if you make a joke about him. Nevertheless, he's responsible and extremely considerate of other's feelings. He's afraid to hurt any body's feelings and can be overly philosophical if you let him.

Cetcea and Levi Messina- The Sea Maiden and The Boy Who Found Fear At Last, though it's uncertain who gets which destiny due to their constant bickering. They're merfolk and live with their Aunts Chary (Carrie) and Scyllya (Celia) after their parents died. Levi is an anarchist who wants to watch the system crash and burn while Cetcea is more prone to antagonising people as opposed to 'the system'. They're very polarising people and being caught in the middle of one of their spats will inevitably make your life harder. At their cores, Cetcea is disillusioned with love and humanity due to how merfolk always get a bad deal when they interact with humans, while Levi finds the idea of destiny oppressive.

Daiki Dock- An impulsive mouse that doesn't attend eah. Spends his time hanging round Book End, helping at Yesteryears and busking. He's witty and easy to get along with and is notably friends with Minton, Maho and Hadley Quietus, who tend to frequent book end. He's quick to try and lighten the mood and is the centre of a good dozen impromptu parties.

Ty Nishtar- A disconcerting army surgeon with morbid hobbies.

Cheir Palmer- An army surgeon who does their best to help out others.

Hirta Botterill- Diamonds and Toads. Band kid who plays the clarinet and an aspiring writer. Despite getting a bad ending, she wants to go through with her story because 'sometimes, even a simple tale of right and wrong can make a difference.' However what she resents is the idea of absolutes that her tale raises. Every time her parents are mocked or insulted for their pasts as bad people, she immediately goes on the defensive. Overall she's a quiet reflective family oriented person who just wants people to know that immaturity isn't irredeemable.

April ???-Diamonds and Toads. Son of the famed opera singer and 'good daughter', he's a sweet and considerate, if timid guy. He wants to be a stylist. Being close to his cousins makes him identify as a rebel. He works hard to maintain the goodness that comes naturally to his mother because he doesn't want to disappoint her. However this can make him afraid of revealing his own opinions and worries.

???? Botterill- The Ungrateful Son. That title couldn't be farther from the truth. His parents put special emphasis on gratitude, and he is basically the most grateful person you could meet. He's a loner and spendsmost of his time looking after wildlife and trying to find owners to adopt the vipers and toads common to his household. He's incredibly protective of these pets and will frequently visit the owners solely to ensure that they're taking care of the toads.

Gloom, Glee,Bambi, Sven, Aurum and Arcane Corvid

Lace White- Ermine White from Starlight.

Goosebumps and Langneck from the Six servants

Hermit (how the hermit helped win the King's daughter)- A backpacker who likes wandering and ignores most rules.

fog collector and hell hunter from How the hermit helped win the King's daughter

How six made their way in the world

The fool of the world and the flying ship

Tuncay (surname TBA)- Many Moons. Pretty much been given the task of taking care of his spoilt prince and he's suffering bc he's really annoying. He's pretty much lost all joy in his role and feels himself inadequate bc of it. Blames himself for p much everything. He does like pleasing people and can be very creative tho. Let him be a jester.

Fuyuki Yurara- The resident snow oc. She attempts to confront her own biases against other people by making more effort to get to know them. Somehow this gave her the reputation of being a manic pixie dream girl.

(???) -The merchant and the thief. Suuuuper pretentious, believes fairytales should be edgier, probably draws a ton of pinups too.

Hildefons (?)- Coppelia. He wants to follow his destiny bc the story is what makes his village prosper in the first place. Unfortunately he's terrified of dolls.

(???)- depressive misanthrope who despises their story. While they're a Royal, they only go by their role's name because they don't want their name associated with their story.

Maiden Charming- too minor to have a destiny. She just kind of hangs around and eats their food.

Damek and Irek Zapieckowskie- The two who stole the moon. Really idiotic.

(??)- the Belle of Belfast city. He was just some guy who hit puberty and suddenly became really hot. Somehow that was sufficient basis for a destiny. He's p relieved that at eah everyone is better looking than him bc having everyone pursuing you when you just want to take care of your kid brother and maybe finish your book is pretty annoying. At this point he's just stopped caring about social graces and wants to sleep.

Takara- Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. Defines himself by his relationship with others and is sometimes described as a leech. Does a lot of philosophical thinking about love. Pretty dense tho. Dreams really big and then never gets it done.

Chloris and Uaithne- they're green skinned, have unfamiliar clothes and don't speak a recognisable language. Are they aliens? No they're two kids struggling to cope with suddenly being stuck at eah with no hope of going home and to be frank are really sick of the tv cameras and psychologists. Chloris is angry and defensive, Uaithne is resignedly optimistic.

Art (old)