Precious ningen
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Precious ningen

im a vietnamese lesbean that cries over fictional characters

my otp is the ningen x fresno alien all other ships are cancelled

i could stare at my dancing ningen gif all day tbh





ever after high

danganronpa series

sailor moon

my ocsEdit

current ones (probably my primary ocs idk)Edit

tyvainea l. thief - thief thief

  • daughter of the little robber girl from the snow queen and the next successor

ginerva k. eternity - ginnamon roll

  • daughter of kai and gerda from the snow queen

glaucio pedroso - rose son

  • son of the maiden with the rose on her forehead from the fairy tale of the same name

cybelle vedma - wicked bitch

  • daughter? of the witch from the russian fairy tale of the same name

kaden rød - deadpan snark son

  • successor of karen from the red shoes

everett horn

  • supposed to have been the successor of the youngest brother from the singing horn but went missing towards the end of his first year at ever after high
  • he's kind of a special kind of oc that isn't in my top priority to characterize and such but he does play an important role in kaden's story and character ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

jacqueline wocky - jackles cackles

  • daughter of the jabberwocky from the looking glass and what alice found there

unreleased ocs rnEdit

ilari stepanov

  • son of vasilia from vasilia the fairest

cosmo giroux

  • son of gervaise from the necklace of princess fiorimonde

iolanta feya

  • daughter of the sugar plum fairy from the nutcracker

ocs to reviseEdit

damaris cicero

  • daughter of damocles from the sword of damocles

check out a tumblr blog i have for my ocs and some oc-related junk if you want

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