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A new orientation Edit

Every student at this school is given a destiny to fufill, some are luckier than others, and although many people could consider me lucky, I do not feel the same way. You see, i am meant to be the fairytale queen, you know, the ruler who reigns all supreme over many fairytale stories? yup. lucky me. Many would kill for my destiny, but I hate it. I was my fathers' first born, and ever since i could talk, i have been trained to be arrogant, strong-willed, loud, rich and formidable. Don't speak your mind, Speak what you are trained to do, marry your children away forever and marry yourself not for love, but for country. its not me. AT ALL.

So basically, the way things work with my royal family is that we are the foundation of ALL princes and princesses. No pressure, right? My brother is meant to be the future husband of Cinderella, My other brother is meant to be the beast in beauty and the beast. Another brother is meant to be the husband of the princess from the princess of the pea story, and my sister is going to be the wife of the emperor who loses his clothes. and my other siblings are going marry other royal people. and I am meant to have children. lot of them, to become the next husbands and wives of royal families. Not so nice now is it? so i have to rule over a huge kingdom, not be myself and have 20 odd children...... I am certainly a Rebel.

Chapter 1 Edit


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